Application procedure

  1. Find the Chalmers programme of your interest by checking the pages listing the programmes: 

Chalmers' Master's programmes listed by Area of Education

Chalmers' Undergraduate programme 

  1. Then check the list of required documents (which differs somewhat from the similar list at Also make sure that you read through the general entry requirements and specific entry requirements for the programme before applying.
    Required documents for all applicants to Chalmers
    General entry requirements
    Specific entry requirements

  2. Now you are ready to make your online application at You can apply for a maximum of four programmes (in Sweden).

  3. Complete your online application by submitting your documentation, either by uploading it at your personal account at or by sending it via regular mail to University Admissions in Sweden. Read more

  4. Pay the application fee, if required. Check the Chalmers page Fees and scholarships to read more about what applies to citizens of countries outside the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland.

    Fees and scholarships

  5. If you are a fee-paying applicant, you may apply for the scholarships offered by Chalmers. Read more at Chalmers scholarships
    Note! To be considered for a scholarship offered by Chalmers your application must have been submitted and completed on time.

*) Further clarification is possible regarding how you do fullfill the specific course requirements

For any programme with specific course requirements (only) a unique link (for each applicant) will be sent via email. The link is sent out after the application deadline. Clicking on the link will open the specific course requirement form where the applicant's Chalmers alternatives and corresponding course requirements will be listed. The applicant is then asked to specify how he/she satisfies the specific course requirements through courses listed on the transcript which he/she has submitted.
Please take note, filling in the form is a way to facilitate the processing of your application, and a way for you as an applicant to evidence your eligibility. It is not mandatory. More information will be provided in the form.

Application and tuition fees


For general information about Fees and scholarships in Sweden, please visit  

For specific information on the tuition fees at Chalmers, please visit the Chalmers page Tuition fees


Find your answers by checking FAQ at and FAQ at

How to submit a late application

Can I submit a "late application"?

If a programme is still open for applications after the deadline for applications on time, then you can make a so called late application. The conditions are outlined at Late application